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ONO-Ciudad de Cádiz


Dutch schooner rig with gaff sail and topsails


300 Cv : 2 BAUDOUIN de 150cv

Home Port:



Circum Navegaciones Hispania S.L.


33 metros

Beam 7,20 metros

3,60 metros

Overall Height

32 metros

Sail Surface 850 m2


Year 1924
Crew 14
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In 1924, the Navarro Brothers Shipyard was to produce its best schooner to date and consequently it was given the name "TRES HERMANOS" (THREE BROTHERS). Constructed with pinewood, expertly cut and dried in the shade for 30 years, the elegant lines of the ONO - CIUDAD DE CADIZ and the shape of her rigging were reminiscent of the free trade schooners, so coveted by naval commanders for their speed and stylish profile.

In 1930, she became the property of Naviera Mallorquina. From 1930 to 1960, while she was owned by these shippers in Palma de Mallorca, she was known as "Cala Tuent". And it was during this period that her first engine was installed, although on the high seas use of her sails still prevailed.

During this period, she was used mainly to transport the famous oranges from Palma, Soller, Alicante and Valencia to Marseilles, France, together with around fifty other pailebots in use at that time.

In 1960 and until 1978, she belonged to Hijos de Abel Matutes S.A., shipowners who dealt mainly in the transportation of construction material for the development of the island of Ibiza. Another ten pailebots were also employed on this task.

In 1978, unemployed and with only one cargo boom, the Cala Tuent was acquired by its present owner, the company styled Circum Navegaciones, which restored her rigging to the original free trader style.

Until 1984, and working as a general freight carrier, she plied a regular route between the French islands of the West Indies, receiving a special dispensation each week from the French Maritime Administration, as the only trader qualified to undertake these special cargos.

In her long history she has carried all manner of cargo but she has also been the stage for a large number of official receptions and has been the set for numerous international television programmes.

She has also received a number of important awards, including the Best Restored Ship Award, presented to her during the Earl of Barcelona Traditional Sailing Ships 1987, in Palma de Mallorca.

The musical group, FUTURE LEGEND, gave a concert from her deck and a press conference to present their first LP.

She was the set for the film MONTURIOL in Barcelona. She also participated in the commemoration ceremony on the first anniversary of the arrival of the Olympic flame in Empuries (Catalonia).

She has also hosted countless official receptions and undertaken innumerable chartered excursions.

What better vessel for the City of Cadiz to have chosen to represent her during the first leg of the Tall Ships 2000 event: a majestic craft with thousands of miles sailing history in her hull is indeed an appropriate symbol for a city with 3,000 years of maritime history in its veins.